Articles of Association of the

Royal Ottoman Society

A non-profit Organisation for the Ottoman Cultural Heritage


§ 1. Name, Location, and Financial Period of the Society

  1. The society is named the “Royal Ottoman Society – A non-profit organisation for the Ottoman Cultural Heritage, Ludwigshafen”
  2. The society shall be registered at the local court Ludwigshafen (Amtsgericht Ludwigshafen). Following entry in the association register, the name of the society shall be specified as eingetragener Verein (“registered association”), abbreviated as “e.V.”
  3. The location and the place of jurisdiction of the society is Ludwigshafen/Germany.
  4. The financial period follows the calendar year.

§ 2. Object and Purpose of the Society

The object and purpose of the society is to promote peaceful living among people of different religions and cultures. This follows traditions within the former Ottoman Empire when citizens of all religions lived together freely. Mercy, justice, tolerance, faith, hospitality, patience, magnanimity, bravery, faithfulness and generosity were the very essence of the Ottoman Empire. Its upright citizens honoured and were committed to these virtues.

Our association wants to represent values which are a contribution for a peaceful and amicable society of different provenances and across all borders. By this the Royal Ottoman Society wants to promote and carry out its aims for the greater glory of God as a way to peace and humanity.

These aims shall particularly be achieved by means of

  1. Intercultural events and charity projects
  2. Networks to European and worldwide royalty
  3. The promotion of worldwide Sufi-centres
  4. Publications
  5. Conferences, courses, seminars and workshops
  6. Cooperation with religious, private and public bodies
  7. The development of linguistic, musical and multi-medial works and products

§ 3. Public Benefit Status

  1. The society exclusively serves the purposes of public-benefit as specified in the chapter “Tax-privileged Purposes” of the German Financial Code (Abgabenordnung, Abschnitt Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke).
  2. The activities of the society are dedicated to the altruistic advancement of the general public and the society does not pursue objects which primarily serve economic interests.
  3. The financial means of the society shall be used for purposes of the society only. The members of the Society shall not accrue benefits from the assets of the society.
  4. Following departure, resignation or expulsion of members, the dissolution of the society or its deprivation of legal personality, no assets may be transferred to its members. Only amounts advanced by its members shall be reimbursed.
  5. Members shall not benefit from disbursements contrary to the purpose of the society or from disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 4. Regular Membership

  1. A regular member entitled to vote shall be any person of full legal age.
  2. If regular membership is terminated, the person concerned may apply for supporting membership.
  3. Application for regular admission to the charity is to be rendered to the Board in writing. In the process of application for regular membership the Board may admit the applicant to supporting membership only.
  4. Full membership is terminated by death, by letter of termination at the end of the year or by expulsion through the Board. The person concerned shall be notified in writing to this effect.

§ 5. Supporting Membership

Any person or legal entity may become a supporting member without voting rights. The Board decides on admission of supporting membership. A supporting member may resign to the end of the year.

The society expresses particular interest in benefitting from public funds such as sponsor memberships or contributions by the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union or by some other legal person or body governed by public law.

§ 6. Contributions

Regular members as well as supporting members make annual contributions. The Board decides on the rate and due date of membership contributions.

If membership is terminated during the year, contributions are excluded from reimbursement. If the society is joined during the year, contributions are due proportionately for every full month of admission.

§ 7. Authorities

The authorities of the society are as follows:

1) Board

2) General Meeting

§ 8. Board

The Board consists of two members:

• Chairperson

• Deputy Chairperson who acts as a Treasurer at the same time.

  1. The Board shall serve in a voluntary capacity. The members of the Board represent the society in and out of court in compliance with section 26 of the German Civil Code (BGB). Contractual declarations shall be valid with the signature of one Board member only.
  2. The Board may appoint one or more persons for management.
  3. The Board is elected for a period of 4 (four) years. After this period the Board remains in office until the election of a new Board. The Board may be re-elected.
  4. If a member of the Board leaves before expiry of the term, the remaining Board shall appoint a replacement until the next General Meeting.

§ 9. General Meeting

  1. The chairperson or the deputy chairperson shall convene the General Meeting and specify the agenda.
  2. In order to adhere to the time rule, invitations of all regular members entitled to vote shall be submitted to the post office or sent via e-mail at least 10 days prior to the General Meeting.
  3. The General Meeting shall be convened at least annually. The following tasks apply:
  • Reception of the annual report as well as the financial report as submitted by the Board,
  • Discharging the Board from its responsibility for the year(s) in question,
  • Decisions on working guidelines,
  • Election of the Board or its enlargement,
  • Amendment of the Articles of Association for the society and/or decisions over its dissolution,
  • Deciding on any remuneration for the members of the Board.
  1. The Board may convene an Extraordinary Meeting where this is deemed to be in the best interests of the society or when one third of the regular members submit a written request stating the reasons.
  2. Decisions during the General Meeting are passed by simple majority of all present regular members.
  3. Changes to the Articles of Association of the Society or its dissolution shall only be possible with at least three quarters of all votes of the present regular members. In this case an ordinary member can secure his/her vote by rendering a written power of attorney at least 3 days before the meeting.
  4. A regular member, appointed by a simple majority, shall keep minutes of the resolutions of the General Meeting. The minutes are to be signed by the keeper of the minutes and the chairperson or deputy chairperson.

§ 10. Dissolution

In case of dissolution, deprivation of the legal status or cessation of the tax-beneficial status, the assets of the society shall be distributed to the charity Harmonie der Herzen e.V. – Ludwigshafen, which shall use them towards altruistic ends only.

Ludwigshafen, 28th August 2015

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